A warning to the kids…..

So after months of procrastination and hope that the youngest daughter would decide to clean up her room I have come good on my promise. The pictures below are of a work in progress. The first 2 are views of her bedroom.  The 3rd picture is the rubbish so far! When I threatened to throw everything away if she did not clean up Savannah simply replied go on then I don’t want it! That shut me up quick I can tell you! I do have to add tho that her soft toys and a few other things are being bagged up and kept somewhere where she can’t find them in case I have made a huge mistake and thrown something away that is vitally important but most of the stuff in her room was in fact rubbish so I have binned it. The rest of it has been put away nicely and hopefully will set an example for the future….yeah right I can live in hope!!!!

Other news: We have booked our holiday for next year yay I am quite excited but have to save quite hard for it apparently it is only 37 weeks away!!!



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