How very annoying.

I have just spent 10 mins writing my blog post for today moaning about how unwell I feel and the fact that I have taken today off sick which I hate doing cos I feel a let down. I navigated away from the page and when I came back all the post was gone. Needless to say I cannot be bothered to write it all again. Lesson to be learnt…save the draft and you lucky people don’t get to hear me whinge. Yay I hear you all say!!!

Other news….Tony is still growing his Mo don’t forget to show your support by sponsoring him if you can you can check out progress and sponsor him here

Both girls are at home today which is nice shame I don’t feel well cos we not going out but the weather is so foul not a good day for going out anyway. I can feel a DVD fest coming on most likely dictated by Savannah as long as it is not 3 repeats screenings of Grease I don’t mind.

Right, I suppose I had better drag my sorry ass out of bed and see what they are both up to downstairs I can hear crockery banging around which means Imogen is cooking.



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