I do this a lot. Analyse my life. Think about what I am doing and where I am going. It seems to be a sign of some kind of discontent usually and I need to work out why I am ill at ease! This has led me to thinking about the last year or so and what has been going on in my life and when you look back at my year whew…what a year! No wonder I am feeling a bit bleurgh!!!

I started my new job in March which I love generally, there are things that unsettle me but this is not the forum for that discussion. Generally tho I totally love my job. I missed working with patients and going back to nursing was a very good move for the most part.

My uncle died earlier this year as did my Grandad. We had to have my gorgeous cat of 10 years old put down soon after Grandad died so that makes a total of 3 bereavements this year.

I sold my lampworking stuff which was such a hard decision to make but one I don’t regret  but still a form of loss I guess.

Tony has been made redundant from his job so money is a bit tight although that said the flat spin that I was in appears to have ended and I am more optimistic about the future.

I do have my health and my gorgeous husband and 2 most fantastic children which I am always grateful for and at this point I feel very ungrateful for feeling unsettled and down in the dumps. Not depressed….not at all I am feeling fairly good from that perspective but a bit meh!!! Does that make sense? I think I know the problem but I am not sure what to do at all and putting it out to public discussion is a no no. I miss a couple of my old work colleagues at this point, they help me to form things and think things through time to get in touch with them methinks!!!

Sorry guys a morose blog today but don’t you find that sometimes you just need to think about stuff and one of the fab things with blogs is that it can help you to begin to sort things through!

If this has been boring I apologise normal service will be resumed very soon please don’t worry! Maybe a symptom of the change in weather as well LOL

Back soon and more upbeat promise

TTFN xxx


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