Ooh how excited am I?

I have just booked my first silver metal clay workshop. A little gift to myself courtesy of my Grandad who passed away earlier this year. He left a little money to me and most of it has been used sensibly to pay things like credit cards off etc especially useful at the moment as Tony has been made redundant. But all work and no play makes Jake a dull boy so I have used a bit of the money to book a day with Joy Funnell in Hastings, her website can be found here . I am very impressed with her work especially the enamelling and she is only an hour and a half away from me which  is not to bad for travelling. I have wanted to do my certification for  couple of years now but it costs so much money I never really get enough to do it but I also need to get some teaching in things like making rings and setting stones to practise before doing my level 1 cert so this is a very fab positive step for me to be taking!

I do have some experience in silver metal clay which you can browse here if you want to and it is getting to that time of year where my fingerprint service takes off a bit!

Ooh I can’t wait for the 14th December



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