New links for you to look at!

I have finally got round to updating my blogroll and including more blogs of people whose work and words I admire! Some of these people make beads and jewellery that I honestly covet a lot!!! Go take a look at Chameleon Designs. Becky is making me a bead at the moment which I am very excited about and when I finally have it in my little mitts I will be showing it off to everyone!

As you have all become aware I have a fetish for material and have found this awesome blog showcasing lots of fabrics which I am loving. Click here to have a look and see what I mean

Other news: I have a few days off now for Half term. I am doing some overtime later next week as Tony is currently unemployed (another long story in the life of Sam which I will not bore you with!) But I am doing overtime  to keep us going financially. Anyway tomorrow the plumber is coming round to put our radiator back on the wall, Tuesday my friend Toni is coming round with her new born baby (well 3 or 4 months old!). I am also planning to catch up with some other friends so there may not be much time for sewing! But who knows heh heh heh!!!

Right best be off things to do and washing up to get done from my scrummy Sunday roast!



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