Welcome to my new obsession

…..SEWING!!! I love it. In fact (dare I say it) I am a little more comfortable with sewing that I ever was with making beads! Mind you I did actually have a strong urge to melt glass the other evening! That was the first time I truly missed all my lampworking gear! But any way back to sewing. Those of you who follow my blog will realise I am really getting into the sewing lark! I have made several quilts of late (well the tops anyway gotta buy wadding and backing fabric still!!) But I am really quite content listening to my iPod and being mesmerised by the quiet rhythmic sound of the sewing machine chomping its way through fabric!

This evening I have been pottering around the internet looking for vinyl backed cotton that I can make lunchboxes with and came across this fab web site here with loads of tuts and help on!!! The “How To” section here is full of helpful hints tips and patterns! Anyway back to vinyl coated cotton! I have found this particular fabric I totally love and can I find it in the UK can I heck! Click here to see the fabric. Why does everything only seem to be available in the USA. So before I sign off for the night if anyone knows of a UK supplier PLEASE let me know I would love some of this fabric!



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