No time to be poorly….

As a mum being unwell just is not an option is it??? I have another ear infection. Never had one in my life then last summer I got a really bad one where my eardrum burst and then over the last couple of weeks I have had a low grade earache then on Sunday it started to get really bad and yesterday I had to give in and take a day off sick. The dizziness, headache and nausea just got to much but could I rest??? Could I heck not totally anyway. I had to take Savannah to school, run Imogen to the dentist for her braces and then pick Savannah up.

Thankfully I am a bit better today. I still have an awful headache but the dizziness has apparently subsided which is a big plus!

Other news, my quilt making has stepped up a gear. I am in the throes of making a quilt for a friend who has just had her first baby and then Tony has picked one out that he wants me to make for our bed. Imogen really wants a quilt as well so I think I have got a fair few projects to see me for now LOL.

This weekend is my 39th birthday and we are hopefully camping this weekend (weather permitting). 28 or so friends all getting together and going off for a long weekend pictures to follow I hope over the weekend.



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