Tis done….onto ventures new

I have sold all of my beadmaking gear! The only things I have kept back are my kiln cos I love my silver metal clay and all the bits to make jewellery with. No more glass bead making for me but there are plenty of extremely talented people around in the UK whose beads I totally admire and I think I shall introduce them to you sometime.

My glassy journey has drawn to a close but other creative outlets are still open to me! I have my sewing which I am really enjoying at the moment and I have my silver metal clay. It has been a desire of mine for some time to get my certification in art clay and I will still pursue this. I also would love to become more knowledgeable and skilled in my silver smithing so I have not left the jewellery thing just changed my focus!!!



3 thoughts on “Tis done….onto ventures new

  1. I think it’s really brave to change direction in this way, especially as glass making can be such an addiction! I can’t say I won’t miss your beads as anything I bought from you sold pretty much immediately and was much admired, but I do wish you the best in your future venture – and I will certainly be interested in your PMC creations, the two I bought from you were great.

  2. Hi Sam,
    Just catching up with you at your new(ish) site. I think you’re right to have sold your gear. If not, every time you saw it standing around it would make you feel guilty. I also think it’s good to change direction once in a while. The most creative I am at the mo is rustling up a handmade birthday card 😦 BTW the quilting looks great and the applique rose is stunning.

    • Hi Vicky, glad you found me and good to hear from you. I am quite pleased I made the decision now. It was hard to make and not done lightly but I don’t seem to have missed making the beads at the mo, who knows maybe one day I will go back to it but I seem to have found more of my forte with the sewing! I am not getting stressed about what to make or stuff seems to be coming a bit more naturally! I think creativity is a fickle beast and when it potters off we have to let it go for a while and when it is ready it will return and I think that is what happened with the glass it just left!!!
      Hope your creativity picks up soon and keep looking in good to see you
      Sam xx

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