The strangest things has happened….

….and just when I wasn’t looking as well. But I have only gone and made a pile of beads today! Yay I hear you all shout (well hopefully anyway!!) I Shut my Etsy shop and website down on 22nd June as I was really struggling to make stuff and most importantly I was not enjoying making stuff. 3 nights ago I thought I might have a beady evening but anxiety got the better of me, as in why should I make stuff cos it does not sell, I don’t really like what I make sometimes and I don’t think I am that good at making beads! But today I got up and thought you know what I will make some beads. So I have.

The kiln is ramping down as I write this so it will be this evening before I see what the kiln fairies have left me but I am hopeful. Who knows I may even decide to sell some!!!

Photos to follow!!!



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